Snakebite in Croatia

If any snake bite you on the Adriatic coast dont assum which one is it , go straight to the nereast Hospital , where serum for snakebite is available or just call 112- emergency center and they will tell you what to do.

Remember if venomous snake like nose horned viper bite you simptoms may start for an hour so dont assum it is not venemous snake, you have enough time to reach help.

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Spring and summer time in our region just call you to  walk through nature. There is a possibility that while walking through the nature you can came across on some venomous snake whose bite can be potentially dangerous.

Forget the television version of the rescue from snakebite like sucking out the poison from the wound because it is the wrong approach to this dangerous situation, which can be life threatening if it matches a number of parameters.Though snake bites are fairly rare in Croatia, they do occur ( maybe few every year) so it’s a good idea to know a little bit about the only kind of poisonous snake on the Adriatic coast and what to do if you or  someone you’re with is bitten.

Although there are sixteen species of snakes in Croatia, along the Adriatic coast you can find only one venomous specie. It is nose horned viper (vipera ammodytes). Its easy to differentiate them from any other snake with their zigzag pattern across their back and a small horn on top of his forehead and they move relatively slow because they are very confident in their poisonous power. Usually they warn you with loud hiss that you are to close.


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Nose horned viper venom destroys blood vessels and tissue which could lead to bleeding of internal organs. This is why it’s important to get medical help as soon as the snake bite you, so that you may have the best odds of preventing tissue damage before it its to late.

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Snake will never bite you unless you step on it or accidentally touch it with your hand trying to grab some branch or putting it on the rock where snake is resting.

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If you are bitten best thing to do is keep calm and dont let the panic take you.Its is very important to slow heart beating or else venom starts to faster circulate through your body. It is wise to remove things like rings from your fingers because biten area may swell. Dont drink or give alcohol to biten person it could speed up the heart rate and thus spread the venom fasterGolden rule is nothing to eat or drink, not even water.

DO NOT COVER THE BITE AREA OR SNAKEBITE WOUNDS. The wound should be gently cleaned with antiseptic.

The only cure for venomous snakebite is the serum, which you can find only in hospitals and you must get there as soon as possible.

All Croatian snakes are not venomous so every snakebite is not going to result in death or near death expirience. Even if venomous snake bite you like nose horned viper is not always fatal , because the power od snakebite depends on many things like the size of the snake, was it a drybite or not, the age of snake, how long has it been from last bite…

The only cure for venomous snakebite is the serum and if its not done properly if you have it with yourself it could cause more damage than good.

Any unknown snake is potentially dangerous so do not play with them or take them to hands, just avoid any contact with any snake including  small sized or looking dead. Learn about snakes atleast venomus in the area where you want to walk or hike.

If accidentally snake still bite you dont try to kill the snake and carry it to the hospital. Doctors can diagnose by clinical symptoms and pathologial tests if it was viper or non venomous snake.

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When you are in nature be aware of your surroundings and never reach into a holes or step over rocks without looking first, always wear protective footwear when pulling through bushes in snake territory.

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