My garden 2006-2015

My garden is near Split Croatia 43.5100° N, 16.4500° E usda zone 9a/b border(every year -1,-2°C few nights, maybe every five year -5°C for one night), we got long hot summers here with relatively lots of rain during the year, problem is that most rain falls in winter time, so there is long cool wet period from end of december till march. I started my garden in 2006 without knowing anything about plants, garden design, gardening or connection between climate1 old house 3 old house 4 old house


and plant resistant, on hard way with lots of loses start to realize importance between growing different species and temperatures, soils, water, humidity, fertilizer… so in first few years lost lot of palms like a.alexandrae, r.rivularis, howeas, dypsis, aloas. ficus…but then got smarter and started to plant more cold/sun hardy species so after first winter it finally stayed something in the garden  beside roses and yuccas J. In mean time we had one nasty winter with 10 days of snow but without to many loses in 2012.winter 2012 1 winter 2012 winter garden

Here is a short video

There is about 50 species of palms in the garden now mostly 9a and 9b zone which must protect from time to time then yuccas, aloe`s, agave`s, banana`s, dracaena draco, bamboo, cupressu`s, pines, oranges, boungevillas, strelitzia`s and many other plants.  Beside plants always wanted in the garden fish pond with water lilly`s and lots of fishes and frogs and all other animal attracted by water. Here is pictures befor/ after and short video how i built it


koi pond beforekoi pond after  koi water lily pond


some pictures….

P1220195 P1220385 P1220388 P1220390 P1220407 P1220450 P1220487

acacia dealbata

mimoza P1040782

alocasia 1 alocasia ensete maurelli aloe striatula arhontophoenix cunninghamiana bismarckia nobilis (2) bismarckia nobilis 3 bismarckia nobilis


boungevilla (2) boungevilla 2 boungevilla bismarckia nobilis boungevilla brahea armata campanula pyramidalis (2) campanula pyramidalis caryota_maxima cereus peruvians cactus dracena draco entrance sensete ventricosum fish pond 1 fish pond garden 1 garden parrots garden pond gold fish lavanda garden pond nelumbo komarovii palms 1 (2) palms 1 palms entrance (2) palms entrance palms parajubea palms pasage (2) palms pasage peackok pavo cristatus peackok plumbago ensete ventricosum puya bertoriana roses policolor roses syagrus 1 syagrus romanzzofiana syagrus stem syagrus bougenvilla-12 water lilly frog water lilly pond water lilly water lily pink wisteria 1 wisteria yucca gloriosa bloom yucca rigida yucca roastrata bloom yucca rostrata bloom yucca rostrata

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