Meneghello family`s garden

This unique mediterranean garden and its garden design in this area is located on small island St. Clement near island Hvar. The warm mediterranean climate and position of the garden allow planting sensitive tropical and subtropical plants which on most other locations along the coast can`t grow. With natural spread aleppo pine in the garden there are numerous types of palm trees, aloe, yucca, hvar palmizana garden strelitzia nicolaicordilyna, cactus, agave, various climbing plants like boungevilla, strelitzia, acacia, oleander, cycads, bamboo, carrot, olives, various succulents, monster deliciosa, phytolaca etc.hvar palmizana garden 1

This is one of the gardens whose owners are passionate fans of the plant and  constantly pushing the borders of the possible cultivation of plants in the Croatia, in a way it is a kind of experiment for some tropical species like bismarckia nobilis, arhontophoenix, howea forsteriana, sabal yapa, dypsis decipiens etc.hvar palmizana garden agaves

bismarckia <3

bismarckia nobilis

dypsis decipiens

dypsis decipiens P1240076 P1240078 P1240087 P1240223

P1070254 P1070259 P1070267 P1070313 P1070332 P1140585

In that magical atmosphere and friendly owners which will show you every detail about plants this is place for every plant lover.hvar palmizana garden opuntia

On this video you can see just a small part of this beautiful garden.

more pictures…..

P1070099 P1070117



P1070163 P1070174 P1070175 P1070183 P1070190 P1070192 P1070195 P1070196 P1070199 P1070208 P1070217 P1070223 P1070231

sharing experiences about gardening with lady Dagmar

P1070273 P1070281 P1070284 P1070286



huge opuntia


even beautiful eleonora’s falcon is sometimes here

P1070450 P1070455

best moment-panties down 🙂

P1070469 P1070476 P1240014 P1240138 P1240144 P1240145 P1240146 P1240195

acacia blooming

P1240197 P1240198 P1240206 P1240210 P1240218 P1240250 P1240259

P1360679 P1360680 P1360704 P1360705 P1360713

botanical expert Toto

P1360717 P1360722 P1360743 P1360747 P1360757 P1360764 P1360767

aloe bainesii <3

aloe bainesii

aloe ferox

aloe ferox cactrus chamaerops cerifera P1240081

archontophoenix cunnighamiana

P1240158 P1360651


hvar palmizana garde  pheonix rupicola behind mehvar palmizana garden 2 hvar palmizana garden 7 hvar palmizana garden 9  agave univattahvar palmizana garden agave univatta hvar palmizana garden agave  aloe arborescenshvar palmizana garden aloa arborescens

aloe ferox

hvar palmizana garden aloa hvar palmizana garden art hvar palmizana garden art1 hvar palmizana garden bougenvilla1 hvar palmizana garden bougevilla hvar palmizana garden brahea edulis

brahea edulis

hvar palmizana garden brahea edulis1

brahea armata

hvar palmizana garden brahea hvar palmizana garden cactus 1

bismarckia nobilis

hvar palmizana garden caffe hvar palmizana garden ferox aloa  hvar palmizana garden house

oldest jubea chilensis in Croatia is also near this beautiful garden

hvar palmizana garden jubea hvar palmizana garden monster yucca elephantipes

little Dagmars nursery

hvar palmizana garden nursery hvar palmizana garden oleander

livistona decipiens

hvar palmizana garden palm hvar palmizana garden palms

parajubea torraly var. torally

hvar palmizana garden parajubea hvar palmizana garden pasage hvar palmizana garden pine hvar palmizana garden sea 1 hvar palmizana garden sea  hvar palmizana garden syagrus 1 hvar palmizana garden syagrus hvar palmizana garden view

yucca rigida

hvar palmizana garden yucca rigida

you can even see calonectris diomedea near the shore

hvar palmizana garden hvar palmizana garden3 hvar palmizana garden4 hvar palmizana garden5 hvar palmizana garden6 hvar palmizana garden9

agave americana blooming

hvar palmizana gardenview

P1240060 P1240097 P1240102 P1240111 P1240123 P1240142 P1240150 P1240170 P1240227 P1240230 P1240258 P1360651 P1360668 P1360683 P1360692 P1360712 P1360765 P1360778

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