Beautiful nature Island – Palagruza

This magical islanpalagruza sunset1d is located in the middle of the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Croatia, and if palagruza beach veliko zaloyou visit it once it will always drag you to visit it again.


Because of the relative isolation and distance, and because there is no regular ferry´s to the island it is not always easy to access it, so it is necessary to self-organize transport with some sort of fast boat, the best and cheapest is from island Vis, Lastovo or Korcula. Real price is about 1000E only for transport and includes that you are left on island and then boat pick you up for a few days if weather conditions allow it. You must agreed in advance sleeping in a lighthouse.palagruza light day

The best time to visit is perhaps the spring because everything is blooming at that time and Palagruza looks like a big garden. Because of the isolation island is ipalagruza flower pinktself reserve of flora and fauna and on the large Palagruza long just a little more than a kilometer you can find a variety of endemic species of wild plants such as centurea ragusina and capara spinosa, euphorbia dendroides which covers whole island with heights up to 3m and many other plants. Animals which you can find there is an old one eye blind donkey namepalagruza donkeyd Ćoro that was before the construction of the cable car used to transfer things from the beach to the lighthouse (lighthouse is at 100m above sea level) and now freely walking around.As for wild animals you can easily see the rats grabbing throwned piece of bread or running through island, a palagruza black snakesnake black bastard(Hierophis viridiflavus carbonarius) which is non-toxic and very quick and timid but it bite if its caught in hand(this one attack bird in the net), the occasional lizard, then black widows appearing only from may till November, they loves warm part of the year. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that island palagruza, because its a little land surrounded by the sea, serves as a rest and a pumping station for birds flying for autumn or spring migration, so you can find a variety of species such as robins, flycatcher, the nightingale, oriole, hoopoe, warblers, larks and otherspalagruza motacilla flava

… Staying on Palagruza seven days I counted over 50 species of birds. Except migratory species there is few that nesting there like peregrine falcon, chasing birds and feed the young with spring migration, and Eleonora’s falcon do same thing with the autumn migration. Exhausted birds that come to rest became easy prey to hawks. There is also about 500 pairs seagulls and more colonies in various parts of the island cory´s shearwater (calonectis diomedea) and yelkouan shearwater( puffinus yelkouan) whose gruesome sounds at the palagruza calonectrisnipalagruza calonectris diomedeaght may seem like a scene from the Hitckock movie






After the beautiful flora and fauna on the island magical scenes just beguining below the sea surface. Distance from the coast protected fishes and in underwater cathedrals and caves you can meet all sorts of sea creatures, starting from large groupers to greater amberjack and dentex, dolphins, sharks, even whales, lobsters and octopus. If you are involved in fishing even just for fun this island will be an unforgettable experience.palagruza dried fishgiant grouper fish (1) The island have a mobile phone signals only at the top so there are not phone calls , in that perfect nature where only job is to watch the sunrise and sunset and listen to the wind and seagulls becomes clear how  we are poisoned  with everyday irrelevant information that we are receiving from all sides and with the speed of life.

Here are some more pictures ……


giant grouper fish (2)

palagruza ghillie suit palagruza jug palagruza landscape palagruza light palagruza litehouse 1 palagruza litehouse lite palagruza litehouse west palagruza litehouse palagruza litehouse5 palagruza lizard palagruza motacilla flava palagruza mottacila alba palagruza oenanthe oenanthe palagruza phoernicus palagruza plant 7 palagruza plant yellow palagruza plant1 palagruza plants palagruza returning palagruza robin1 palagruza sea 2 palagruza sea palagruza seagull egg palagruza seagull nest palagruza seagull palagruza small palagruza palagruza snake palagruza snake1 palagruza sparowhawk palagruza sun 1 palagruza sunrise 1 palagruza sunrise palagruza sunset 2 palagruza sunset 3 palagruza sunset 4 palagruza sunset 9 palagruza sunset palagruza sunset1 palagruza sunset6 palagruza sylvia cantilans palagruza table palagruza upupa palagruza view 1 palagruza view 4 palagruza view 34 palagruza view palagruza view3 palagruza view7 palagruza weather palagruza yellow flower1 palagruza young eupforbia palagruza zalo veliko palagruža zalaz palagruža žalo small palagruza flower small palagruza palagruža zalaz P1090139

palagruza gate
palagruza flower2
palagruza fisherman tools
palagruza euphorbia
palagruza euphorbia dendroides 1
palagruza down palagruza disco palagruza device1 palagruza device palagruza day palagruza cliffs palagruza cliff palagruza centurea ragusina palagruza centurea ragusina flower palagruza cathing seagull palagruza catching shearewater
palagruza black snake1
palagruza bird1 palagruza bird palagruza bird worm palagruza bird robin palagruza bird oenanthe palagruza bird nets palagruza beach3 palagruza beach2 palagruza beach1 palagruza beach palagruza beach west palagruza beach veliko zalo palagruza beach small zalo palagruza beach blue palagruza beach 21 palagruza beach 9 giant grouper fish (3)
























 palagruza calonectris

scary calonectris sounds you can hear here..


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