Beautiful Island of Lokrum – Botanical garden

Botanical garden on the island Lokrum is a must see mediterranean garden for any plant lover.Lokrum Island is located right across the city of Dubrovnik and it is a few minutes away by boat,P1400533

which is organized, except in winter. In the garden you can see the ancient palm trees, yucca, eucaliptus, and with the rest of the natural Mediterranean vegetation such as pine trees, strawberry trees, myrtle, cypress and various types of cactus, agave, opuntia, oleanders, cycad, puya berteroniana and so on. The island has a depression in which you can bath and it is aP1400495

habitat for hundreds of peacocks whose cries amplified atmosphere of this plant idyll.peacock beautiful

On the island there is an old monastery and a restaurant where you can relax and eat something and continue with the tour. Pictures worth more than words 🙂


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