Fox (vulpes vulpes) – saving fox cub

One spring I heard for a starving and abandoned fox cub that wandered near the village, of course only hours separated this little fox from certain death, by natural couse or by the the people who consider each fox infected with rabies or from hunters who see the future pest in their hunting area. Although I expected a different situation, fox cub relatively quickly got used to merfox and me

first fed and bathed, then vaccinated and eventually foster care …fox bath 1 fox bath

young fox cute fox fox 2 fox on sholder fox puppy fox

in just a few days it got free from initial fear and began approached the food we gave him and our other pets, our dog which he later became his and fox dog fox fox dog

But after some time fox became increasingly more powerful than a Maltese dog who later started avoiding fox. It’s incredible energy, curiosity and intelligence of these animals, fox must  examined everything ,for each problem very quickly find a solution, no wonder they are so widespread. As for the food there were no special requirements other than amounts, always want more. 🙂 Fox grew very quickly and it became quickly clear that it is more than capable of taking care of themselve and it is time to return him to nature. The most important thing was to keep him away from us and pets so he can become wild and careful and suspicious to peoples and dogs when i release him….dog cat fox

so I isolated in a large cage where I was giving him live mices which he easily red red fox 1 red fox


I even learned him who he is from the books 🙂 fox reading

How quickly fox got used to us,  It did not take to much to develop fear from us. For a while I walked him around the field in which i intend to let him free…walking fox

deep into nature, away from people, so that he cant accidentally wanders among the people. Although he always played tameness after almost a year I couldn’t no longer let it free around the house because it would immediately run away, and finally became clear that it was time for release him in nature and to try his luck in the life reserved for him. When we finally let it go it runed like a wind. 🙂big fox free fox

With all the mischief that  fox makes this is one of the loveliest animal that exists.

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