Snakebite in Croatia

If any snake bite you on the Adriatic coast dont assum which one is it , go straight to the nereast Hospital , where serum for snakebite is available or just call 112- emergency center and they will tell you what to do. Remember if venomous snake like nose horned viper bite you simptoms […]

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Snakes of Croatia

Although there are sixteen species of snakes in Croatia, along the Adriatic coast you want find all species. Unfortunately these lovely creatures have bad reputaion and often because of fear are classified as venomous and that’s how people treating them. The most common types that you can meet walking along […]

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Fox (vulpes vulpes) – saving fox cub

One spring I heard for a starving and abandoned fox cub that wandered near the village, of course only hours separated this little fox from certain death, by natural couse or by the the people who consider each fox infected with rabies or from hunters who see the future pest in […]

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