Canyon of the Krupa River

Canyon of the Krupa River is just one of many beautiful canyons that can be found in this area. Krupa river is a small tributary of the Zrmanja River  which rises near the village Kaštel Žegarski. At the source you can found beautifully restored monastery and picnic area

monastery Krupa (2) monastery Krupa (3)

while canyon begins a few kilometers from the source to the west. The most beautiful part of the canyon, moreover and most affordable is the part where there is Kudin bridge.

Krupa river canyon (1) Krupa river canyon (7) Kudin bridge (4) Kudin bridge (5) Kudin bridge (6) monastery Krupa (1)

Roadmap for Kudin bridge is in village Golubic. Kuda’s Bridge was built at the beginning of the 19th century and consists of 12 arches. Legend says that it was built by a young man in love named Kude who wanted to propose with  his wedding guests his beloved one on the other side of the river.

Kudin bridge (1)

sometimes you can run into very interesting creatures around here 🙂


Scenes of nature are spectacular, cliffs of 50 meters or more, which is vertically lifted from the riverbed are home to many plant and animal species like this campanula or mushrooms.

P1300735 P1300781

Birds I found are oenanthe hispanica

oenanthe hispanica (1) oenanthe hispanica (2)

Falco Subbuteo

falco subbuteo

Falco tinunculus

falco tinunculus (1) falco tinunculus (2) falco tinunculus (3)

sitta neumayer

sitta neumayer

monticola saxatilis

monticola saxatilis male

ž. kamenjara

monticola saxatilis

monticola solitarius

modrokos monticola solitarius

raven(corvus corax)


circaetus gallicus


turdus merula

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dendrocopos major


Ptyonoprogne rupestris and others. The cliffs have many caves

bats (1) Kudin bridge (2) Kudin bridge (3)

some of which are the home of bats .There are 35 diferent species of bats in Croatia. It is possible that some bump into you  so for those who are not fans of them its better not to enter at the dark parts of the caves. I caught few ot them accidentaly in the bird nets.



bats (5)

there are some spider in caves that looks like black widows 🙂

bats (7)

Along the river there are some species of dragonflies

dragonflies 1 dragonflies

and you can be found snakes like hieropsis gemonensis

hieropsis gemonensis

and natrix tessellata

natrix tessellata (1) natrix tessellata (2)

and under waterfalls lives cinclus cinclus. You can also find some frogs, like bufo bufo and bufo viridis

bufo bufo bufo viridis

but there is much more animal species….

2222 le martes martes

River is very nice place to visit and refresh in summer time.

Krupa river canyon (2) Krupa river canyon (6) P1300745 P1400793 P1400886 P1410442 waterfalls (2) waterfalls (3) waterfalls (4) waterfalls (5) waterfalls (6)

In the river there are several types of fish you can prepare a tasty lunch 🙂

P1410452 P1410487

but sometimes it is enough and make some spaghetti with Pesto Genovese sauce for a real picnic 🙂

Krupa river canyon (3) Krupa river canyon (4) Krupa river canyon (5)

After a long day in nature there is nothing more beautiful than to wait for the sunset with a cocktail in the nearby Zadar.

Zadar sunnset (1)  Zadar sunnset (3)

just one note, you can also find one little zoo with ostrich near by main road for Krupa river.

P1400745 P1400755 P1400766 P1400772

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