Canyon of the Krupa River

waterfalls (7)

Canyon of the Krupa River is just one of many beautiful canyons that can be found in this area. Krupa river is a small tributary of the Zrmanja River  which rises near the village Kaštel Žegarski. At the source you can found beautifully restored monastery and picnic area while canyon […]

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Winter protection for plants

winter protecting palms

Although it is best to choose for a skeleton of the garden very resistant plants which are beautiful and look healthy in every part of the year, still a true gardener in his garden have some plants which does not belong to his climat or a plant that comes from […]

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Montenegro gardens

sv stefan

Relatively large amounts of rain falling in this area and the warm Mediterranean climate allows the plants look healthy and lush in these parts of Montenegro. Starting from town Herceg Novi to Budva you can see beautiful gardens with century-old palm trees, pines, magnolias, cypress trees and other plants like […]

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Snakebite in Croatia

snakebite (16)

If any snake bite you on the Adriatic coast dont assum which one is it , go straight to the nereast Hospital , where serum for snakebite is available or just call 112- emergency center and they will tell you what to do. Remember if venomous snake like nose horned viper bite you simptoms […]

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Snakes of Croatia


Although there are sixteen species of snakes in Croatia, along the Adriatic coast you want find all species. Unfortunately these lovely creatures have bad reputaion and often because of fear are classified as venomous and that’s how people treating them. The most common types that you can meet walking along […]

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Green mediterranean island – The island of Mljet

mediterranean island of mljet (12)

The island of Mljet is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic. It is completely covered with evergreen vegetation consisting of aleppo pine, pinus pinea, cypress and other evergreen mediterranean vegetation, which sometimes forms impenetrable thicket. In the eastern part of the island is also one of the […]

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